Head first

“…let us consider how we may stir up one another to love and good works.”
Hebrews 10:24hands-63743_1280

Paul was writing to the Hebrews about not shrinking back. Keeping the faith, sharing the faith, holding on to the faith. He was challenging them to meet regularly and encourage each other. He knew that the life they had chosen wasn’t a cake walk but worth every minute of endurance.

I contemplate the words of Paul partly because I’m searching for the “next” and partly because I already know what it is.

This after-paycheck life is way different. No schedule instead of everyone else’s schedule. I’m a pretty good planner but follow-through is a little sketchy. But it’s a process and I’m on my way.

And good golly Miss Molly, there’s a lot to learn. I’m not talking about three writing conferences or seven “how-to” books.

No, it’s the life of an artist. The always new and always more and always different. And always finding the right time to let go.

And a lot to learn about the community. Sharing ideas and accepting ideas. About being thrilled for someone else – wearing my dancing shoes when I hear the good news.

Sometimes I get it. And then, just as quickly, I forget.

Darn it.

But I keep coming back to this: There is a “Nancy K. Wolfe” place in the world that no one else can fill. I’m not altogether sure of it’s exact shape or size. And I don’t know what part of me fits it uniquely. But I know that it’s all mine.

Pride and jealousy serve no purpose other than to derail me. When I am fortunate enough to witness the fulfillment of another writer’s dream, I know that it is just that: their dream. Hip-hip-and-HOORAY!!!

I know that their success would not fill my soul. A million of you following a Phony-Baloney Nancy would not be nearly as sweet and satisfying as five people who hear a blessing in my words.

Perhaps I’m thinking of you five as I read the words of Paul.

Here is the message for you for today:

  • I love it: stir up one another to love and good works. This is where the Planner Nancy shines brightly and the Follow-through Nancy cringes: big plans need big work. Nevertheless, I’d like to think that, with an occasional kick in the pants, I could do something that would show big love – even in a small way.
    And  I’m not talking about a new calling. If you want to read more about my take on that,  you can read this.
    No, I hear God asking me to do something that is simply doing more than what I do now.
    I don’t know. It’s sort of a seed. And it’s Spring, so maybe that’s a sign… and…
  • Whatever this is will take a few great minds shaking each other up. Like I said, it could be big or small. It could take a minute or a few years. I really don’t know.
    But I’m thinking that it will be “us” – not “me.”

I’m not going to even mention any of the ideas I’ve had over the years. We are starting from scratch.

And it’s not even what we’re doing – it’s that we’re doing something.

So if you are part of the five or ten or two, let me know. Maybe you don’t have an idea or a plan. Maybe you’ve had a really big plan for years. Maybe you just can’t switch it on without partners. But like me, you want to do something.

Now is the time to jump in. Head first, feet first – let’s just hold hands and get wet.

What say, my lovelies?

Dear, sweet Jesus – the most perfect example of planning and follow-through …
Thank you for loving us and showing us how to love.
As we sign up for what we don’t know, please watch over our hearts and minds.
Keep us safe. Keep us united.
Bless our work as we shine Your light in a dark world.

I’d like to think I could do something that would show big love – even in a small way. Click it to Tweet it.


    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Becca. You know how much it means to get support from colleagues and other loving humans. Like I said, I don’t know where this will go – or if it dies on the vine. But I’m hoping we can do something… school supplies? blankets for babies? post cards to soldiers? mosquito netting? books? There’s gotta be one for us… Thanks again, my friend. xoxox

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