Calling (or The Choice, Part 2)

It was the Monday that I began to suspect a big change was a-brewin’. (I talk about that change here.) I started paying attention.

I listened with both ears to songs and people. I read the Scripture and essays more intentionally.diary-968592_1920.jpg

And I found, time after time, that I was being presented with small but priceless morsels of encouragement and direction.

And each time I heard a new message – or an old message in a new way – I wrote it down.

And each time I heard a new message, I was more convinced that God had a different plan for me.

And each time I heard a new message, I wondered just how soon I would be shown a new direction. A new calling.

I’m hoping for something more like a billboard than a post-it. I want to be knocked over the head with a 2X4. And, I want that evidence visible to another reliable person, as well. Someone like my husband, Tim, would be preferable.

If only something just showed up. Like a writing job offer. Or even just a retweet by a big-shot with lots of followers.

Okay, God. What is my mission? my calling? my next move?

Where is the open door?

What in the world do you want me to do now? Who am I to be?

And, He said, “You are a writer…

And a wife, mother, grandmom, friend, homeowner, daughter, shopper, helper, sister.

You’re just not a public school teacher anymore.”

Oh. Right. I am still all of those other people God called me to be. I am still called be the best I can be as each of those other Nancy’s: Nance or Mom or Meena (that’s my Grandmom name) or Mrs. Wolfe. Yes, I am.

I am called to serve God and people with love and sacrifice no matter what work, labor, or job I do. Whether I am an accomplished author on a best-seller list or a well-followed blogger who reaches hearts and minds on a global level – or Audrey’s Meena who speaks to her sweet young soul about kindness and patience. One day, I’m the very first customer/victim for the agonizingly slow rookie checker at Target. Another day, I’m unaware that the distracted bank teller said goodbye this morning to a family pet – or found out this morning that this branch is closing. Most days I just can’t even imagine.

I am called to serve God and live every single day in every single situation with diligence and kindness.

In For the Love, Jen Hatmaker speaks about “calling.” She describes it as “in many ways…a luxury for the privileged.” Think about this: There are countless inspired and faithful Believers all over the world who live hard lives. Lives I can’t even imagine. They don’t have options about education or job opportunities. They don’t have a choice about daily work or where they live. (Read more about The Choice here.) They get up early, take care of their families, thank God for His love, go to bed, and do it again tomorrow. They never agonize over this job or that house. They just live a worthy life in ordinary ways, following God’s call to live as He directs, with love, integrity, and desire for goodness. That’s their calling.

Truth be told, it’s everybody’s calling.

And it’s not that we don’t keep looking for and wondering about the next episode in our lives. And paying attention. The best way to find that next step is to have boots already on the ground. But frantic searching and gnashing of teeth are anxieties we manufacture in the name of finding God’s will. (There are over 25 verses in the Scripture about trusting God. He’s not kidding.)

So, I’ll keep my eyes and mind open. I’ll continue to pay attention and write down each new message – or each old message given in a new way. Each morsel of direction and encouragement.

And, to what God calls me to do next – maybe something I can’t even imagine – something that may take a moment or a lifetime – whatever it is, I’m ready to say “Yes.”


  1. Nancy, what a beautiful piece. I’m inspired and blessed by your love for God. I appreciate your struggles to find “what’s next.” Thank you for your insights.


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