White Papers

In addition to strong writing skills that I have developed over the years, I have extensive experience in the fields of education and real estate law. I also have been a life-long student, continuing my studies as my career path changed through the years.

  • As an educator, I worked independently, as well as collaboratively, planning, delivering direct instruction, and developing professionally in higher education, elementary education, and special needs settings. During that time, I not only taught the art of research but honed my own skills as well.
  • As a real estate paralegal, I worked with lawyers, landlords, project managers, and construction contractors to acquire properties in anticipation of constructing national retail stores.
  • As a volunteer, I have worked with religious organizations (both independent and denominational), with local school organizations (as a teacher and a mother), and with local community boards and civic organizations.

And, the essays I post regularly on my blog reflect my understanding and experience of faith, family, step-family, love, grief, joy, and all that lies between.

The white papers I create are thoughtful, complete, accurate, and convincing. I’d love to write one for you.

Please. Have a look:

Sample White Paper

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