July 11, 2017

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City of Batavia House Walk Ticket Book and Program

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of the 2016 Batavia House Walk Program.


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Use Research and Data to Improve Reading
Arkansas State University

“By using reading assessments and the data they provide, …teachers can identify student needs and make strategic instructional plans to improve reading skills.”

Can a Flipped Classroom Improve Reading?
Arkansas State University

“Classroom teachers at all levels report students’ increasing dependence on technology, serious involvement with social networks and fascination with data speed … In response to the growing intersection of education and technology, some teachers have adopted the ‘flipped classroom’ model.”

Teaching Math with Maker Culture
University of Texas, Arlington/Online

“At the end of the day, many parents ask, ‘What did you do today in class?’ However, the parents of students in maker culture schools ask, ‘What did you make today?'”

The Myth of the Math Person
University of Texas, Arlington/Online

“When teachers create a growth mindset classroom, they are more likely to reach every kind of learner and dispel the “math person” myth.”

What is an MSE in Instruction Degree?
University of Wisconsin-Superior online

“Professional goals in education do not always involve working for a public or private K-12 school district. The skills and knowledge students acquire in an online Master of Science in Education — Instruction degree program from the University of Wisconsin-Superior can benefit a variety of careers. Whether you are currently an educator or a professional with a bachelor’s degree in another field, this master’s degree may be the right step to advance your career.”

Career Options for an MSEI Graduate
University of Wisconsin-Superior online

“Earning an online Master of Science in Education — Instruction from the University of Wisconsin-Superior opens up a variety of opportunities for people with or without teaching certificates.”

What Is an MSE in Educational Administration?
University of Wisconsin-Superior online

“Making the decision to leave the classroom or assume more responsibility as a teacher can be the most important decision of an educator’s career.”

Administration Roles in Education
University of Wisconsin-Superior online

“Running schools smoothly and keeping them at the cutting edge takes well-trained professional administrators in specialized positions.”

What is an MSE in Special Education Degree?
University of Wisconsin-Superior online

“Highly qualified special education teachers are in demand. The number of students that need special attention, whether just a nudge or an entire day of support, is growing every year.”

Become a Special Education Teacher with a Master of Science in Education Degree
University of Wisconsin-Superior online

“[S]chools have reported an increase in enrollment numbers of students covered under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The reason for this increase is unclear, but this rise calls for additional highly-qualified special education.” teachers

Online Master’s Degree for Wisconsin Teachers
University of Wisconsin-Superior online

“For teachers with classroom experience, a master’s degree in educational administration opens up opportunities to continue to work within the educational system but in different capacities. “

What are the Benefits of ESL?
Lamar University – Member of the Texas State University System

“Experts recognize that the benefits of English as a Second Language (ESL) far outweigh any drawbacks. In fact, schools are developing curricula specifically for English language learners. According to the U.S. Department of Education, “ESL programs are the fastest-growing component of state-administered adult education programs.”

Tips for Motivating ESL Students
Lamar University – Member of the Texas State University System

“When students come from a different culture and find themselves at a new school with no local language skills, it is up to the teacher and other educational professionals to make sure the students feel welcome.”

What is Reflective Teaching?
Lamar University – Member of the Texas State University System

“Planning lessons, preparing materials and delivering information, however, are not the only essential parts of the teaching process. One of the most effective practices of experienced educators is reflection.”

Learn to Work with Diverse Learners
Lamar University – Member of the Texas State University System

“To work effectively with [diverse learners], teachers must celebrate differences, provide opportunities for students to strengthen background knowledge and maintain realistic expectations for each student.”

Learn to Teach Math With a Master’s Degree
Mississippi College – A Christian University

“Experienced teachers — well-prepared and highly qualified to teach math at the elementary and junior high levels — understand that the teaching skills required to reinforce critical thinking are much more complex than simple skill lessons of multiplication tables, geometric properties, postulates and theorems.”

Why Earn a Master’s Degree in Special Education?
Mississippi College – A Christian University

“…’The demand for special educators is expected to grow at about a 35 percent rate over the next 10 years.’ In light of such a statistic, earning an advanced degree in special education might be a wise plan for experienced teachers seeking professional development and career-change possibilities.”

What Is a Master of Education in Educational Leadership?
Mississippi College – A Christian University

“Upon graduation from this program, you will have the high-level skills necessary to be an effective leader. These skills include the ability to integrate technology and use a variety of methods to assess students, teachers and overall school effectiveness. In addition, you will be prepared and empowered to appreciate and promote diversity. You will understand the importance of modeling integrity, trust and respect to all members in your learning community.”

Faith-Based Educational Leadership Program
Mississippi College – A Christian University

“Upon completion of the master’s degree program in educational leadership from Mississippi College, graduates will have the tools necessary to integrate technology into their work and to use a variety of methods, both formal and informal, to assess students and teachers. Graduates will value diversity and the success of all learners. Finally, students of the program who complete the required 39 credit hours will have learned how to integrate trust, respect, and integrity into their professional lives.”

Importance of Reading for Elementary Students
Mississippi College – A Christian University

“The ability to read influences more than graduation rates. People of all ages who read fluently are more likely to read independently, and the benefits of reading independently extend far beyond academic success.”