My high school band director considers me silly and insignificant. My dad tells me he is proud.

The youth ensemble leader at church advises me to abandon music as a career. My mom never once questions my decision to pursue music education.

I invest in a party-based jewelry business for which there isn’t a chance in H-E-double-hockey-sticks that I will make one thin dime. Bill and Ana buy me a sturdy folding table and briefcase for my new “business.”

I repeatedly question my ability and worth and ask “what in heaven’s name am I doing?” Laurie persistently speaks words of encouragement and love and tells me she sees God’s grace living through me.Go for it

I believe for all the world that teaching is no longer right for me – a professional move that will dramatically affect our budget and 4-year plan. Tim says if it’s right for me, it’s right for us.

Good golly Miss Molly. Everybody should have it so good.

I hope when you want to go somewhere important but it’s too far and costs too much your partner says, “Of course you’re going.”

I hope when God speaks to you in ways that no one else can hear or see, your tribe says, “Go for it.”

I hope no matter how far out of balance you get, somebody steps on the other end of the scale and brings it back to center – no charge.

With all my heart, I do not hope that you have an easy life.

I hope you have something better – a life so full of love and support that, no matter what the load, you never carry it alone.



  1. As long as you “love” what you are doing and feel you are gaining toward your goal–what else really counts. So glad I finally got it through my “slow” learning process that God will not take me Home until I have finished all that He wants me to do. Life is much easier to face and I’m enjoying what I’m doing more. You have helped me.


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