Doing “the next…”

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Here’s all you need to do to jump-start your dream

What could you do better if you just followed these three simple steps?

How to stop getting in your own way.

I swear, it is a conspiracy.

While I take small steps to grow my own freelance business … (and for those of you who don’t know, I’m trying to grow my own freelance business) … I let myself be distracted by the hundreds of internet sites and books and webinars and 2-day conferences that promise success.

It’s exhausting.

First, you must do this, but make sure you have that in place, which you can’t do until after your site is up and running, and don’t forget these four essential pages, including your testimonials and feedback which, unfortunately, you don’t have because you haven’t gotten a gig, so, you should also be marketing and pitching. Oh, you’ve never done that before? Well, here is a 6-session minicourse…  

But, wait. Why aren’t you writing?

This is no different than any other profession or calling or mission. I felt so woefully under-prepared for my first teaching position that I cried every night for three months.  Dear God, what have I gotten myself into?

In fact, the world is full of rookies and firsts: the nurse’s first injection, the hair stylist’s first paying client, the attorney’s first court case, the pastor’s first wedding – or funeral.

But even though I know that I’m not alone or that experience doesn’t come pre-assembled or free, I can’t shake these feelings of inadequacy and fear. I am so tangled up in prerequisites that I’m spinning myself right into the ground. Right up to my neck.

And I’m forgetting how I got here.

  • Mr. Doctor said, “Well, there’s more to think about than money. Have you considered an earlier retirement?”
  • One small, whispered “Wow” at the writer’s retreat gave me permission to say “I’m a writer.”
  • Sinking into the cushions of my friend’s couch, the words “I don’t think I can teach anymore” just tumbled out of my mouth.

And not one of those things cost me a cent.

None of those things was on the “required” checklist.

I didn’t have to sign up for “Bloggers Perfection in 8-Weeks” or make sure each post was SEO-ready to hear the clear voice of the Father.

All He asked me to do was take the next right step. Just the one. Just start writing.

Yes, I know that anything worth doing will take time and attention and diligence. I wasn’t promised easy or immediate. I don’t even know for sure what direction I’m going.

But I do know that when I do the next right thing, I will be blessed. I will find peace in a sea of confusion.

And then I’ll do the next right thing.

The nurse brings healing, the attorney fights for justice, the stylist uncovers natural beauty, the pastor offers wisdom and solace.

And I tell stories, inspire, and encourage.

So, I’m writing.


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  1. I read your Post and tried to send a comment. However, my WiFi is acting up, so you my not have gotten it. It was good. Keep going forward–you will always do good.

    Love and blessings, Mom


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