I’m a runner

I’m a Runner…and by that I mean, I run from confrontation or controversy or hard conversations. Every time.

But I was encouraged this morning as I walked around the pond, listening to Sarah and Beth, of my beloved Pantsuit Politics, to face what scares me because of the people who matter to me.

I can tell that most of my fellow Believers or Christians or Jesus People who don’t agree with me about current issues have given up and stopped reading my words. I don’t hear from them very much. But I have to make my feelings clear – hoping that you will do the same.

There are one and a half issues I feel strongly about in this election cycle. I say that because the one singular issue is, in some ways, summed up in my more overall conviction about Jesus and truth.

Shall we begin… One.

Overall, I can’t put into words exactly how I think Jesus feels or felt about abortion, gay equality, and guns. I don’t say that because I don’t have an opinion. I do – about each one. I say it because I do not know where or if Jesus stated, not generally but clearly and concisely and directly, how a true and dedicated Follower should believe and act about those precise issues.

And I don’t believe He missed the opportunity. He didn’t just skim over the most controversial issues of our day because He didn’t care. Or that He thought, It’s easy … Just follow the Old Testament writings. Really, people, they are perfect … and not the least bit tricky.

No, Jesus wasn’t just indifferent about important questions. But he chose not to rewrite what would be ten or twenty or a million commandments for narrow issues that would and do and will divide His followers as they deciphered and deconstructed the words and the Greek and Latin and context and on and on.

Instead, He spent His 33 years commanding and reminding us over and over and over to do one thing: love our neighbors. His laser focus was on the one Christian quality that should override everything else. When in doubt, love. And with that, I cycle back to Overall

Now for the one-half.

For this current election cycle, I am perplexed about the laser focus of the evangelical community on the issue of abortion. And here’s why:

If I thought for one hot second that overturning Roe vs Wade would significantly minimize the number of abortions performed in the United States, I could better understand those who make it their #1 issue. But it won’t. Not in any meaningful way.

Because those with the means will always find a way.

And those with no hope (no support or quality health care – before or during pregnancy – or community support once a child is born) will continue to find no help and take dangerous measures to help themselves.

Abortion is not a legislative issue, it’s personal. It’s a demand for compassion for a mother and her child and her family from the people to whom Jesus was speaking clearly and concisely and directly – His simple command to love one another. Yes, we need to protect the vulnerable. But we need to find ways to make abortion unnecessarynot illegal.

So here’s my bottom line.

I do not see the love Jesus requires of us in Donald Trump – especially when he has professed to be a Christian. I don’t see compassion. I don’t see a willingness to listen or take responsibility or apologize. I don’t see generosity or warmth. (At the risk of being a little snarky here, please do not respond with “he donates his salary.” Although he has kept his financial status secret, it is well known that the businesses he failed to abandon upon entering office are doing very well. End of snark.)

What I do see? Someone who is self-centered and self-serving – a person that, instead of “how can I help you?” has a history of “what can you do for me?”

And, so, my lovelies, I have planted my flag. Do I think that the policies and platforms of the Democratic Party are the answer, or that they are perfect, or that I don’t question the integrity of some Democrats already or hoping to be in office? Do I think Joe Biden is the best person for the office of President?

No, I don’t.

But I’ve got to put those running shoes aside – maybe throw them away altogether. Because when compared to our sitting President – a man who has implied that he will take the results of the election seriously only if he wins, bullies his own citizens with everything from school-yard nicknames to tactically-trained armed forces, and fails to use his own words to simply, for once and for all, denounce inequalities and racism – the Democratic candidate exhibits significantly higher levels of love and patriotism.

Thanks for listening – I’d be happy to talk. Contact me directly if you’d like to make it more private. Or if you want to call. Or have coffee at a respectable distance.

And truly, God’s peace to you all, no matter how you vote.

Photo by Dominik Martin on Unsplash


  1. You have expressed these issues so simplistically, yet so powerfully! I especially agree with your views on abortion–help to solve the cause of the problem. I wish everyone would listen and take notice. Coincidentally I have read three different authors in the last few months telling stories about Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s. It has given me chills to realize the similarities of the Hitler Era and what is happening in our government today. Thanks for writing on such a touchy subject.


    1. …touchy, indeed, my friend. I’ve been hesitant to be so direct for fear of being misunderstood and demonized – which has happened – but the encouragement of my people – like you – has given me additional courage. Thanks for all your comments…xoxox


    1. Dearest Sarah – Thanks for the encouragement. Let’s just agree to keep working together.
      All the best to you, Beth, and PP. I can’t thank you enough for what a difference your measured, passionate, and wicked smart voices have made to me…xoxox


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