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This is the third day of the Love Blog Challenge
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Prompt for 2/5: Creativity

I feel the most creative when I’m writing. I will take a quote or line from a book and do my very best to make it seem more beautiful or alarming or outrageous than what it may seem at first glance. I am inspired by people I admire and people I would like to kick right across the parking lot. Song lyrics and poetry, as well as what little children say about things they see and feel. The world is full of inspiration for a writer.

I also like papercrafting, upcycling old books into blank journals, fixing up my home, wrapping presents so they look like something pretty special, and frosting my signature strawberry cupcakes with a piping bag and fancy tip.

So, yes. I am creative.

But I fear we live in a world in which “creativity” is considered a special gift. Something to which only certain people are granted access. We see it as a characteristic like physical strength or blue eyes or perpetually low cholesterol.

But I don’t see it that way. I’m not more creative than you – I’m just different.

I grant you, not everyone can create what the world considers fine or even good “art.” Not many can wield the bow of a cello with such finesse and power that our hearts nearly explode. A mere handful have a brilliant eye for color, line, and space and maybe even fewer the voice of an angel. We are mesmerized by the most select who show us the dramatic nuances of Gregory Peck, Sidney Portier, or Judi Dench.

But that’s art, my friends. The kind of talent that sparks passion and then requires hours of practice and years of patience. What the majority of us sit back and enjoy with wonder and appreciation.

Creativity is MUCH bigger than that. It’s more than producing things to be sold or ticketed for consumers. It’s the part of human nature that sees how things can be better.

Creativity is about a lifestyle that moves in the direction of beauty or improvement. It may be as simple as creating a warm atmosphere for friends and family. Or as complex as creating a small movement of like-minded people to solve the refugee crisis or keep a struggling art school going. Or paving the way for a friend to discover the key to clean water in Africa.

It can be as small as getting everyone to school, soccer practice, a birthday party, and church youth group on time – with one car in the shop – or as critical as moving patients out of a burning hospital.

We are faced almost every day with opportunities to be creative. It may be art. It may be problem solving. Or it may just be the tiniest bit of sweetness – like having the hockey game already on when he gets home or slipping the extra office lunch cookie that doesn’t have raisins into your lunchbox to take home for her after-dinner treat.

I believe in the Creation of the world described in Genesis. I don’t know how or what the timing was or what happened to the dinosaurs. I do not know the answer to the “chicken or egg” mystery and I can’t tell you who Cain married.

But I believe God created us all and made us in His image. So we, too, are creators. We all have the ability to take something and make it different or better or more, for the good of us all or maybe for just one.

And when we all participate, whether as writers, singers, the next Picasso, or presenting tea for two in our 3-bedroom bungalows, the world is so much better – inspiring even more creativity everywhere.

Brita Long is the pink and sparkly personality behind the Christian feminist lifestyle blog, Belle Brita. On her blog and social media, you’ll discover more than authentic storytelling–she’s brutally honest about pursuing a fulfilling and joyful life even with Crohn’s Disease and depression.
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You can find Susannah blogging at Simple Moments Stick where she helps moms reclaim simplicity in motherhood. Susannah believes that the simple life is beautiful and does her best to raise her three boys to have that mindset as well. At Simple Moments Stick you will find kids crafts, parenting tips, marriage advice, and so much more… all wrapped up in the Christian faith.
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Nancy (that’s me!) is a freelance writer, editor and blogger who used to teach. She blogs about Living Center – finding balance in every day life, something she finds elusive and fascinating. She also loves to make journals – to both share and write in. She is on Team Oxford Comma, served with creamy coffee and a butter cookie.
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So what is the Love Blog Challenge? you might ask…

The fifth Love Blog Challenge is a blog link-up every weekday in February with daily prompts. BelleBrita’s site will give you all the skinny. Here’s the list of prompts.
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    1. Thanks, Carolynn. when I taught 5th grade, I tried to let each student know that they didn’t have to be able to do everything, but there were so many things they could do creatively and very well…xoxox


  1. Yes, creativity is for everyone! My husband is creative when he builds furniture for our home. Just last night he designed a new shelf for our bathroom. He’s an engineer, so his creative expression is different than my own, but that doesn’t mean he’s not creative.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think we often forget that absolutely everything we use had to be designed by someone – even as simple as a shelf. And using our creative juices to make something just for a certain space makes it even more special. My husband is an engineer too – both his creativity and his creative process is WAY different than mine… in a good way…xoxox


    1. Thanks, Susannah. And those of us considered “creative” because of an identified talent, like writing or singing, have great opportunity to encourage those who feel they lack creativity. Yes, it’s in everyone…xoxox


  2. “I believe God created us all and made us in His image. So we, too, are creators. We all have the ability to take something and make it different or better or more, for the good of us all or maybe for just one.” Hear hear. I agree entirely with what you are saying.


    1. I tried to remind my students all the time that every manmade thing was the product of creativity – even the packaging and advertisements! I hope some of them look back and see all they can and did do that was both creative AND artistic…xoxox


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