No heavy coats

gold leaves stephanie-krist-cdUAfev8uRc-unsplashNot a big fan of the writing prompt or conversation starter: What is your favorite season?

My answer often correlates directly to what happened during the season we just enjoyed – or endured.

But it’s not really a question of “favorite” for me. I love all of the seasons…

Winter – staying inside a lot, Christmas, and my fancy boots
Spring – the first breath of sweetness, daffodil fields, and no heavy coats
Summer – flip-flops, fresh fruits and berries, and no heavy coats

When asked about fall, I probably use the customary words: crisp and turning leaves and pumpkins.

But the real reasons I love it?

  1. No one asks me to put on a bathing suit or why I’m not wearing something sleeveless.
  2. No one questions why I prefer hot coffee to iced.
  3. And, even though I’m no longer in the classroom, at the end of August, we regain the rhythm that was absent during the summer months. I like rhythm and routines.

Fall is a quieting down time for me, too. Even though it leads into the chaos we call the holiday season, I notice how the days and nights gently cool down. I gather myself, reassess, and plan for what may be next.

There are small bonuses in September and October… I quietly remember September 20th – the day I married Bill Burton. I happily celebrate October 23rd, when I married Tim Wolfe, and the 24th, my birthday. Yes, I am a shameless Birthday Girl.

I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but I do enjoy watching all the littles scurry from house to house while mom and dad drag a wagon full of … let’s say their own kind of treats.

We enjoy hosting our family Thanksgiving Dinner. I’m almost never ready for the 14-22 people who show up, but it always turns out just fine. Except for that time our kitchen sink totally stopped up not long before the turkey juice overflowed the pan and our smoke detector went off…

The slow anticipation of Christmas urges me to not leave all the shopping until the last minute, so I can take great care when selecting or creating gifts for those I love.

Yes, fall may be my favorite after all.

At the first sighting of a pumpkin, the first golding leaf, the first note of crisp air, I feel a sense of peace. And, although I dread the coming of heavy coats, there is little about fall I do not love…

Autumn is
An artist who uses
An oak leaf on which
To paint a masterpiece.

-William Allen Ward


*** This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post with the prompt “The best things about Fall…” Join in anytime!
Photo by Stephanie Krist on Unsplash


  1. Your post made me smile every time you said “heavy coats” because I feel the same way about them. All the kids dumping their winter coats into our closet once they get home instead of hanging them up has me taking lots of deep breaths. Sometimes the coats are misplaced or left at school – ugh. The winding down of our very hot summers in Northern Virginia is very welcomed as I feel a renewed sense of energy once the cooler air hits my face in the mornings. And I never thought about this before your post, but the new routines and rhythms of school do provide a sense of peace and comfort.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Rebecca (and sorry I missed this comment – no excuses, just missed it.) And, Northern Virginia has always sounded like a lovely place to live – especially with the cool temps coming. The Midwest gives us some pretty wicked weather in the bleak months of winter. Thanks for reading and I’m so glad you smiled…xoxox
      PS And how do they “misplace” or leave coats at school? Did you not notice it was 23 degrees out when you left? Sheeesh.


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