When it is enough

This is the eighth day of the Love Blog Challenge
hosted by the lovely BelleBrita
Prompt for 2/12: Creativity

pottery quino-al-219266-unsplashI thought this would be easier than it is, writing about creativity. Many of my family members and friends are creative, in all different ways: architecture, silver-smithing, interior design, painting and sculpting. I also enjoy the friendship of quite a few writers and authors. Whether published or pleasure, they all have the gift of crafting places and ideas and feelings out of simple words on paper or a screen.

But writing about creativity, in the context of love and friendship? Good golly, Miss Molly… I’m a bit stuck.

The way I see it, creativity spans from things tangible to things visible to things only imaginable. For some people, even the suggestion of being creative sends them running for cover. For others, it is the very food of life. I know and love people in both camps.

And I’m not one of those who believes that you can do anything if you try hard enough. There is overwhelming evidence to prove that I could not be an emergency room doctor or the caretaker of a spider exhibit at the zoo. I can’t rap, to the amusement of my family, and the mere thought of spelunking – just no.

So, no I don’t think that anyone who wants to be a concert pianist will make it to Carnegie Hall by perseverance and intense, devoted practice. There is a certain nuance to almost any type of art and creativity and it’s true: some people’ve got it, some don’t.

For just one example, I know some highly gifted singers who can spin out notes like honey – but they cannot write a song to save their life – nor do they have the desire. They can take someone else’s notes and words, flat on a folded and crumpled score and create something almost living – but they cannot birth a song from nothing.

In the same way, many composers and lyricists can elegantly pair a melody with a poem – but they can’t bring it to life on stage.

But no matter what the creation, or how big or small, there is something reassuring and stabilizing when families and friends rally around and hold us up.

Now, I do love to work in solitude. I enjoy having the house to myself, writing in my sweet little studio while all is quiet. I like to papercraft slowly, on and off, leaving things in disarray while I decide what to do with this and that – not really interested in either pleasing others as I work or sharing every card or journal or essay.

But, my lovelies, when I’m finished, ready to share and let others into the creative space I’ve discovered, I am just the tiniest bit apprehensive. I hold so dear the encouragement and affirmation of my family and a few close friends that, when my work is met with indifference, ignored, or dismissed, I easily tip over into what’s the use?

Even though I know what I do has value in the eyes of my Father and in truth, I know I serve an audience of One… even though I look and read with pleasure what I have created and written, I long for the recognition by those close to me. Perhaps it’s one of the ways I hear them say I love you. 

I am encouraged by a small tribe that satisfies my need for affirmation. I would love to have a bigger platform. It would mean a lot if more of those who know me at all would sign up or show up.  Maybe someday I’d like my work to be “discovered” or at least shared and recognized.

But when all is said and done, when I think of those who express their love for me by expressing their love for my creations, even though the number is small, it really and surely is enough.


Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash






  1. Oh Yes – I understand your desire/need/request to be recognized for your art. This is why blogging is so…weird. It’s so hard to know when someone read, liked, thought about and enjoyed. When we hit publish – swoosh – out it goes and we don’t know who sees it, when, why…so those rare and lovely moments when someone gives us some positive feedback it’s a song to the ears, eh. (Also why book reviews are so lovely!) ANYwhooo – Guess what? I love this and I love that you shared it. It’s got many truths that connect us over the ether. ❤

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  2. Beautifully said. I also struggled with the start of this prompt…which at first I was baffled because I am a painter and a maker. Art is an amazing outlet for me but as you said, it was in defining it in words that was the challenge for me. My creativity is a feeling that comes to me. That’s why I feel flow and freedom when I paint. I also share that same apprehension with sharing my artwork but I’ve come a long way in pushing myself to share it more and thankfully (being that I am a highly self critical person) it has mostly been met with delight. I’ve found that the more I push myself to put myself out there, the more I find my tribe and the more I find my place. Sometimes walking into the moments of discomfort is what will ultimately lead us to our safe place.

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  3. Nancy, you are one of the most creative people I know. You continue to amaze me and I am thankful for knowing you. Thank you for being Nancy and sharing yourself.

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