Rich and deep

This is the third day of the Love Blog Challenge,
hosted by the lovely BelleBrita.
Prompt for 2/5: Valentine’s Day

bestillTrue love? Yessssssss

Perpetual Dove chocolate? Bring it.

Handwritten notes? Be still my heart.

Valentine’s Day? Meh.

Oh, I do like the cute little conversation hearts and the corny kid’s Valentine cards. So adorable, how they take a stack to school and pass them out, placing them into handmade boxes or bags covered with hearts in various shades of red and pink, X’s and O’s, and other silliness.

The day, however, when we are expected to confirm our love in a sort of official way, is not my cup of tea. It seems too big and structured and bossy. It feels like the Valentine’s Police are poised to arrest or give out serious warnings to those who fail to adequately glorify romance.

And those inevitable What did you do for Valentine’s Day? inquiries. Bleech…

Like “doing something” is required to verify “feeling something.” Oh, good golly, Miss Molly.

Don’t get me wrong…I love those Valentine’s Day gifts and cards. My family has always been good to me with all things red, hearts and peace signs and all.

But, my lovelies, to me, the feelings we glamourize on Valentine’s Day are really rather insignificant unless they are felt all year long.

The romantic and dreamy love pictured in the movies and greeting cards may be sweet and fun. But in the long run, the real deal, the love felt rich and deep, is all that matters.




    1. And some of those cards are just WAAAAY too much for us old married couples who just want to say “You’re still the bomb-diggity!” I often end up using another non-“holiday” or blank card. Or make my own.
      And “silly” is the absolutely right word… xoxox


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