One left standing

boxing-gloves-2005912_1920We’ve talked about this before. Maybe not in these exact words, but surely in the same spirit.

Although some of you may be more aware – or suspicious – than others of my political and social leanings, I hope it has been evident that I do not discuss politics in this arena. Not in social media and not here on my own blog. Even with this small and, may I say, lovely audience, I cannot open up conversations without the critical nuances of voices and facial expressions and without the ability to clarify or restate.

But I can say, and I do say, and I will continue to say Ouch! and I’m begging you … Stop! and can’t we just talk about this?

Every single day, my heart breaks just a little bit more.

Not because everybody doesn’t agree with me. Not because, for the life of me, I cannot understand how some of my close friends can take a position so different than mine. And not even because I’m pretty sure we will never know the truth about anything as complicated as politics or the truth about anyone who has leverage in media, politics, or global and national events.

No, my heart breaks because I have been essentially called naïve or uninformed, ridiculous or insignificant —  even stupid — by people who care about me. I know they do. Maybe we aren’t the best of friends or share a cupacappa even every once in a while. But I know they have a degree, however marginal it may be, of compassion for me and mine.

I continue to be stunned at just how their words bite. Not nip or bruise. I’m talking B.I.T.E. As in breaking skin and drawing blood.

Good golly, Miss Molly. OUCH!

So, I’ll say once again:

I’m begging you … Stop!

Can’t we just talk about this?


I may not understand how we can be so similar, yet so distant in our view of policy and issues. We may see God from totally different faith bases. And it’s entirely possible that neither one of us will ever change our stand. To clarify by example, my faith cannot and will not be affected by words, no matter how sweet or appealing.

But, please, let’s put down the sword and shield of harsh words and sarcasm. So often, we see smug and condescending comments said under a cloak of anonymity or with our faces hidden behind a computer screen. But that veil does not lessen the impact.

So, let’s you and me shake on it… Let’s make it our mission to find ways to build into each other in every way we can.

The world is seriously off-balance, my lovelies. But there are so many really important things we do agree on. Society suffers every day with conditions that will change only when we are a united spirit. We absolutely must work together to fight the evils of the world: poverty, abuse, hunger, pain, loneliness, homelessness, anger, hate. Even if the very best we can do is work parallel with each other, using different means and programs and policies, I just know we can improve the lives of the marginalized and forgotten, giving hope to the hopeless and peace to those in crisis.

I just know we can.

You don’t have to agree with me or even listen to the “crazy” things I have to say about the issues that divide us.

But, please, let’s agree that when I knock you down, or you, me… there is only one person left standing to do the work – all of it.

And, we know that will never work.

Can we really do it all without each other? Let’s talk about it…

Society suffers every day with conditions that will change only when we are a united spirit. Click to Tweet

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