My perspective on God’s will (The Choice, Part 3)

agree-1728448_1280When I am looking for answers or guidance from God, I don’t want Him to pussyfoot around. Just like many of you, I am ready and willing to go and do whatever is asked of me. Even if it’s not easy or what I may have chosen, I know it will not harm me.

But, jeepers, God, I’m begging You. A billboard. Sky-writing. A loud voice in a dream. A map or vision or job that lands right smack in my lap. A two-by-four to the side of the head (as a last resort, please).

Good golly, Miss Molly… give me SOMETHING!

Alas, my friends, I don’t think He works like that. Not most of the time.

It took a good year and 42 individual, identifiable, tiny nudges to realize that there was a life for me after teaching – and that I was ready for it. In a special journal I wrote down those little epiphanies given to me in song lyrics, verses, pictures, words from friends and strangers.

But, listen carefully. I had to listen carefully. I had to decide what I was hearing was the right voice and the truth.

You see, I kept thinking a publisher would miraculously read my blog and send a book deal to my door. Or the school district would offer a couple years’ pay to get rid of me.  Or the university would offer me four classes a semester.

Didn’t happen.

But God kept telling me, probably on continuous repeat mode, “You’re fine. You do know. Follow your heart – My heart.”

I think the truth is this: it’s not hard to hear Him. He’s not keeping secrets or playing games. Maybe He doesn’t have something to say today or tomorrow. And explaining His silence is way above my pay grade.

But I believe He is more than willing to continue the conversation as long as we are willing to listen and keep talking with Him.

So, here’s my new perspective: I don’t think it’s all that hard to hear Him.

But maybe we just think He hasn’t said anything or answered our prayers.

Sure, we might be getting a message. Maybe God is talking about it, through a whole lot of people and words. He’s opening doors or windows. He offers a glimpse of possibilities. He gives us options that keep us close to Him and to His plans.

But it’s just not enough.

We are looking for a guarantee. We want to be absolutely, positively, no-questions-asked sure that we are in the center of the universe we have labeled “God’s will.” No doubts. No unknowns.

I don’t think it works that way, either.

I believe that God gives us creative minds, passions, desires, and talents. He expects us to study them and spend time in reflection. We are to look at choices through the lenses we were born with. He wants us to use what is already there to find the way.

And He wants us to take a leap of faith. Or at least a step in that direction. Remember when Indiana Jones extends his foot over the abyss and just plants it on the most remarkable example of disguise or camouflage EVER? (If you don’t remember, here.)

Let’s do more of that.

I don’t take lightly the difficult decisions many are facing. Moving, accepting jobs, getting married, stopping or starting something. These are all important and life-changing issues. And we all want to do the right thing – what’s best for us and those we love.

God wants the right thing for us, too. I just don’t believe that it’s as much what we are doing or where we are living, but how we are reflecting the love of Jesus in what we do where we are.

My lovelies, you really do have what it takes to be in the center of God’s will. And when that big decision comes, look inside, talk to Him and then, take a leap of faith.


My perspective on finding God’s will: take a leap of faith. Click to tweet.


  1. Yes, I know God has been speaking to me–mostly chastising. I am praying about how to cope with reconciling with an “enemy.” Thanks for reminding me to continue searching for the way to resolve the problem. Mom


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