We don’t always match up

So, being brave. Let’s continue the conversation. connect-316638_1280

What it will mean to be uncomfortable? What will it look like? feel like?

As a writer, does it mean “outspoken”? Does it mean that I write and say things that may shock my family and friends? Does it mean that I write and say things that may elicit disparaging words about my intelligence – or my mother – from complete strangers. Does it mean that I write what I think?

Through the words of many saints and prophets, God shows us brave: We are to have a spirit not of fear but of power and love. We are to stand firm in the faith. We are to live strong and courageous.

And this, right here, this is where it gets sketchy. Because we are all called to live out our callings and to live strong and courageous. We. All of us. But …

Let’s be honest. All of our callings don’t always match up.

I checked with the saints and prophets. Here’s the message: “Do not quarrel over opinions.” (Or just “Get over yourselves.”)

Good golly, Miss Molly.

It doesn’t say don’t talk about tough topics. It doesn’t say we have to agree about everything or that we can’t stand up for what we believe to be true.

It does say “don’t quarrel.”

As in, “Stop it. You’ve got opinions, sure. But stop the bickering and name-calling. Stop the judging. Stop looking for the fight. Stop tearing down. Get over yourselves. Just stop it.”

I still don’t know exactly what brave is or what it does. But I do know what it isn’t and what it doesn’t.

Brave isn’t loud and it doesn’t try to shout you down.

Brave isn’t cocky and it doesn’t brag.

Brave isn’t condescending and it doesn’t call names or judge.

As I find my own brave and practice it and embrace it, those of you who know me well may be surprised. It may seem too loud. It may sound like bragging. I’ll probably get it wrong or crooked.

But I don’t want to be weak or comfortable any more. I want to have a fearless spirit full of power and love. I want to stand firm in the faith. I want to live strong and courageous.

I want to be brave.


I checked with the saints and prophets. Here’s the message:”Do not quarrel over opinions.Get over yourselves.” Click to Tweet




  1. This is one of the primary pitfalls in many churches today. We all feel we have the perfect solution to whatever the question is on the table. Even though Christ died for each of us individually, “it’s not all about me” !


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