Last June, I was inspired by a fellow writer, Lori Roeleveld.

The more I read her writing, and the more I prayed about it, the more I was convinced…art-1837073_1920

I believe that God will bless us here in the western suburbs of Chicago
if we gather together
and talk and learn about using the arts to advance His Kingdom.

I’m happy to say that Lori will be here on Friday and Saturday, April 28 and 29. She will lead us in some fun and yet deep discussions about how we, as creatives, can do more with what we already have to make a difference in our local churches.

And when we make a difference anywhere, who knows what will happen … even all around the world.

We live in tricky times, my friends. And I’m hoping that these two days will inspire us to not only develop the gifts we have but also find ways to bless our churches and God in all different ways.

Retreat details

      Friday, April 28 4:30 – 9:30
      Saturday, April 29 9:00-3:30

      River City Church*
      3450 Swenson Ave.
      St. Charles, IL 60174

Cost of registration: $125
 …which includes:
      3 sessions
      Custom retreat journal
      One of Lori’s books
      Dinner on Friday
      Lunch on Saturday
      Snacks and beverages

*This retreat is not sponsored or organized by River City Church.

Retreat Agenda



Telling One Story a Thousand Different Ways

  • How will YOU communicate the truth of Christ to others?  

A delicious working dinner will be provided


Why Dwarves Need Elves: Embracing Our Call to Christian Community

  • Lori introduces strategies to help believers not only survive but also thrive in a messy family of sinners saved by grace. She will share her PEACE Treaty for learning to love the person in the next pew.


9:00 – 3:30

Creative Hearts Ascend: Soul keeping for the Creative Christian

Nurturing a creative soul in the context of a relationship with Jesus is an art. It takes time, discipline, and a heavy dollop of weirdness. In this class, we’ll use the Psalms of Ascent as a launch pad for exploring issues of faith and creativity. Topics include:

  • Making Peace with Creative Tension
  • Transforming Suffering into Art
  • Accepting Strange Travel Companions
  • Nurturing and Protecting Your Creative Mind
  • Reverent or Risky – decisions every Christian creative must make.

A scrumptious lunch will be provided.

Housekeeping items

  1. If you are interesting in attending In the Hands of the Potter, please contact me either here on my Connect with Me page or message me on Facebook. I will send you a little packet with a registration slip and more information.
  2. If you would like to come to the retreat but it’s just not in the budget, we may be able to help. Contact me (see 1.) and I will send you a scholarship request form.
  3. If you feel God leading you to support another artist who will have trouble affording the event, contact me (see 1.) and I will send you a scholarship donation form.
  4. Questions??? Anyone…??? Contact me (see 1.) and I’ll try to give you the details you need.

I hope we’ll see you there. It’s gonna be great!